Get Down. Get Funky. Get Going.


The first round of copy is hard. The first draft of a screenplay or book is hard. Because when you start, there’s nothing. There’s nothing for your client, colleagues, collaborators, partner, boyfriend, or editor to work with. And that’s what keeps most people from starting. That blank page, that flashing cursor, can be really intimidating.

But it doesn’t have to be. That first draft is just a working document to get the process going. It gives people something to work with. They now have ideas to fight for, words they dislike and love, and phrases that make them smile. They can tell you if you’ve pushed too far, or if they want you to reach further. They can give you feedback.

So, don’t let that first draft scare you. Serve it up as a working prototype to be refined, tinkered with, pounded on, and eventually polished. Don’t worry if it starts out a little funky. The final product is going to look very different. The important thing is to get it down, to get going, to give everyone on the project something to work with.

Because once you have that first draft written, the really hard work begins – rewriting.

The Great Rabbit Mark

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