Passion = Voice


I’ve worked with companies in startup mode, and others that are pivoting. I’ve helped companies and entrepreneurs develop their core internal and external brand messaging. I often surprise my clients by asking them about their passions. I want to know why they care about what they do. I look for what drives them. I’m curious to know why they choose to get up every day and do the work that they do. And I don’t stop asking them questions until I understand their passions.

Learning the answers to my questions tells me two important things:

1. The perceived need or needs that they are trying to address. I typically hear the story about the problems that they are trying to solve through their products or services. They see a pain point and set out to relieve the suffering. This gives me a clear idea about their company story and gives me an approach for creating a compelling About page. It’s more than their history. It’s why they made the effort to start a company in the first place.

2. The true voice of the company. How people describe their passions is very different from how they usually talk about their company. In regards to their company, they talk about facts, figures, market advantages and differentiators. When they talk about their passions, I hear the emotion behind what they do. I hear why they do it from a gut level. I hear how they talk about their business to their friends and family – people that they care about. Lastly, I hear how they should be talking to the people who are most important to them – their customers.

What I hear, when they finally talk about their passions (it sometimes takes several tries), is the voice I infuse into their website. It’s the emotional hook that resonates with their audience. I want to get that passion across to their customers. Passion means that they care. An organization that truly cares attracts a strong, loyal following of people who share their passion.

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