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In my very first film class at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, my instructor held his hands up like a megaphone and implored us with this statement, “Never be afraid to be clear.” He was referring to “art films” that only the filmmaker understood and rendered the film meaningless to other people. In the years since graduation, that simple phrase has guided me well in many aspects of my life, none more directly then website copywriting.

I’ve been shocked by the number of times I’ve gone to a potential client’s website, prior to our initial meeting, only to discover that their most important message is entirely absent from their website.

What do they do? 

They might have a Mission Statement, or a Company Vision. They may tell you all about their products and value proposition. But, many fail to straight out say what they do. It may be evocative that they intend to disrupt their industry. However, if I can’t quickly learn what it is that they do, then I’m left poking around their site to suss it out. Most site visitors won’t bother.

Never be afraid to be clear – about what you offer, what pain you relieve, what problem you solve, or most importantly, what you do. Put it right on your Home page, near the top, in simple, declarative sentences.

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