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It feels rewarding when you get behind something and it succeeds. In November 2014, I backed a Kickstarter project by screenwriter John August. Now, I know he can deliver an amazing screenplay. What I didn’t know was if he could deliver the writer’s tool that he aimed for with his campaign.

It recently arrived in the mail. The deck exceeded my expectation. Great art. Functional and beautiful design. Top quality cards. Most importantly, it’s something that I will actually use.

John created it as a way to help storytellers get unstuck. I’ve got other plans for the deck. I have a TV pilot that I’m working on, and I plan to use the cards to make the script better.

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Half of the deck consists of single prompts. They say things like IMPOSTOR, STOP TALKING and NOT MY JOB. Each comes with a really interesting illustration to get the brain moving visually and a short explanation of the idea behind the card. Each of these cards is paired to a second card in the deck. On one side of the second card is a deeper exploration into the core idea. On the other side are three ideas to apply to your story. It’s a great way to get unstuck.

Fortunately for me, I’m rarely stuck. What I want to use the cards for is to take my story to a new level. I want to apply the cards to scenes that feel like they’re lacking in strength and see if I can find ways to make them more compelling. I also want to apply them to characters, in an effort to give them more depth.

I also received a special offer for the Dark Mode version of the cards. They are the same cards, with the exact same content as the standard deck but with dark backgrounds and artwork. I write a lot of mystery and horror, so these cards are perfect for my aesthetic – and match The Great Rabbit brand colors. I’ll update the blog when these arrive.

For now, I’m eager to try these out on my script. Thanks to John August and company (along with all of the other writers whose ideas he incorporated) for creating this fantastic tool.

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